Search, it’s the tactical way to get people to see your website, your blog. If you missed the first entry about Keywords, you can catch up on the first entry on the necessities of search by clicking here. The second element that you have to understand about search is crawling. It’s getting into technical terminology.Continue reading “NECESSITIES OF SEARCH: CRAWLING”

The Artist’s Hobo Tool: 5 Tools to Measure, and Increase, Productivity

This month’s focus is all about planning and productivity. As we create a marketing plan and track writing progress, it’s important to have tools to help you in your productivity. Let’s start with the simple options: a stopwatch and a notebook. Sometimes going old school with an easy approach is the best way to go.Continue reading “The Artist’s Hobo Tool: 5 Tools to Measure, and Increase, Productivity”

Tracking Your Writing Progress; Why It’s Essential

Unless you’ve inherited a small fortune, the odds are that you have to work at some point to pay the bills, some more than others. Regardless of your current circumstance, finding time to write can be exceedingly difficult. As a result, tracking your writing and progress may be the best avenue for you actually getContinue reading “Tracking Your Writing Progress; Why It’s Essential”

Create a Marketing Plan for Your Writing Career, Part One: End Goals

Up to this point, a lot of what we’ve discussed has been broad strokes, a concept approach, if you will. It’s essential to lay the groundwork before you can start really applying the work itself into a viable marketing plan that have executable steps attached. So now it comes to it, creating a marketing planContinue reading “Create a Marketing Plan for Your Writing Career, Part One: End Goals”