5 Ways to Add Structure to Your Writing Process

In continuing a focus on Overcoming Your Obstacles as a Writer, it may be absolutely critical to begin adding structure to your writing methods if you wish to become a better writer. Last time, we discussed methods to overcome emotional writer’s block, when it’s not a plot-point or character holding you back, it’s your ownContinue reading “5 Ways to Add Structure to Your Writing Process”

When You’re Down and Out: Overcome Emotional Writer’s Block

We’ve discussed overcoming writer’s block not long ago. And there are various types, one of the strongest, and most formidable forms, can be emotional writer’s block. It’s not a moment when you can’t think of a character trait, or a particular chapter is proving troublesome. It’s emotional writer’s block. Those distraught natures that overtake youContinue reading “When You’re Down and Out: Overcome Emotional Writer’s Block”

Five Exercises to Help You Overcome Writer’s Block

As we dive into becoming more effective writers, it can be daunting when writer’s block hits you going full steam. You’re in a groove and suddenly a metaphorical train hits you, bringing you to a screeching freeze. Music Playlist Music can drive writing. Oftentimes you know the emotion, or catharsis, a particular chapter or arcContinue reading “Five Exercises to Help You Overcome Writer’s Block”