Winning the Future as a Writer

As your writing business plan comes together, and you find ways to implement Value Innovation and Blue Ocean Strategy, there will a come to a point where you might say “What next?” That question comes when a long-term strategy is exhausted. You may see the endgame coming very far away, or it could come whenContinue reading “Winning the Future as a Writer”

Four Questions that Bring Value Innovation to Your Writing

As you create your own uncontested market space, per Blue Ocean Strategy encouragement in your marketing approach, you’ll need to analyze your results and analyze the results. This is one of the cornerstones of the Blue Ocean Strategy called Value Innovation. As quoted on the official site, “…is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost,Continue reading “Four Questions that Bring Value Innovation to Your Writing”

The Writer’s Conquest – Level Seven – Blue Ocean Strategy

If you’ve studied business, then at this point you may have already come across this very heavily studied marketing strategy. If so, let’s elaborate. If not, welcome and let’s get started by finding ways to use Blue OCean Strategy to build a unique author brand and sell your books by creating your own market, insteadContinue reading “The Writer’s Conquest – Level Seven – Blue Ocean Strategy”