The HOW – Part 1: How will you reach your target?

After four weeks of asking “Why,” we ask the second most important question in your marketing approach to grow readers, “How?” Week one asks “How will you reach your target demographic?”

The Trends of Your Target Demographic Readers

As you begin to understand your target demographics, who among them will be willing to buy your book amongst all the other possible selections, it’s important to understand your target demographic trends. And no, this is not a reference to book trends, that’s already been discussed. This is looking at the retail and shopping trendsContinue reading “The Trends of Your Target Demographic Readers”

What Your Readers Do Beyond Reading Your Book is Important

As you look to make an impact in your writing, and think about those who will be most influenced by your work, the best way to reach them may just be going beyond your writing. Last week was the beginning of understanding target demographics, through ten key points of analysis, you should have a betterContinue reading “What Your Readers Do Beyond Reading Your Book is Important”

Find Your Readers with Ten Key Factors to Determine Target Demographics

Welcome to Level Five of The Writer’s Conquest, Target Demographics. As you write, there will likely be some people that will really want to read what you have to say. Others will find no interest. That might sting, but it’s the truth. If you try to please everyone, you’ll likely satisfy very few. As amazingContinue reading “Find Your Readers with Ten Key Factors to Determine Target Demographics”