The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Five Books to Develop a Brand Story and Go Back to Writing Basics

This week you learned how to create a brand story, and went back to writing basics. Now, it’s time to add to the library of some books that will help you with these tasks for your Friday fuel. As I obtained my MBA from Regis University, I read a ton of books on marketing andContinue reading “The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Five Books to Develop a Brand Story and Go Back to Writing Basics”

Headed Back to Writing Basics

When was the last time you sat down and completed sentence exercises, or filled out a character bio sheet? All too often writers begin thinking that all is well, they remember the material and there’s no need to understand the grammar concept further, or revisit what setting the scene actually entails. It never hurts to go back to basics, so check in below for some helpful exercises, tools, and sites.

Turn Your Author Bio Into a Brand Story

All too often writers think about their book, and all too often they ignore their story. As we create a platform for you to stand upon and find a place for your work, we’ve developed your brand vision. Now, comes the time to develop a brand story. The brand story isn’t going to be tooContinue reading “Turn Your Author Bio Into a Brand Story”

The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Tools to Create a Writing Plan

This week, we wrapped up deciding what you’ll write, and launched levels three and four of the Writer’s Conquest: Creating a Marketing Platform and Going Back to Writing Basics. So here are some tools to help you map out a plan as you move forward to the next level of your writing career, and learnContinue reading “The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Tools to Create a Writing Plan”

An Easy Scorecard to See How Well You Write

As we’ve finished determining what you’ll write, it’s important to go back to basics. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started, or an established writer, basics are never a bad thing to revisit. Step one will be determining how well you write. Everyone asks that about themselves as a writer, sometimes to a scrutinizingContinue reading “An Easy Scorecard to See How Well You Write”