Why Trendsetters are Your Most Important Readers

Early adopters, trendsetters, they’re a massively coveted demographic in marketing. The reason being is that once you nab the trendsetters, you’ll instantly grasp a group of people that create free marketing for your business or product. Trendsetters are the people blogging about new technologies before they even are launched. They’re the people who Tweet aboutContinue reading “Why Trendsetters are Your Most Important Readers”

Find Your Readers with Ten Key Factors to Determine Target Demographics

Welcome to Level Five of The Writer’s Conquest, Target Demographics. As you write, there will likely be some people that will really want to read what you have to say. Others will find no interest. That might sting, but it’s the truth. If you try to please everyone, you’ll likely satisfy very few. As amazingContinue reading “Find Your Readers with Ten Key Factors to Determine Target Demographics”

To Outline, or Not to Outline?

Should a writer outline, or just start writing and let the story unfold organically? Read about some options here and take a poll to share your preferred method as we wrap up Level Four – Back to Writing Basics in the Writer’s Conquest.

One Sentence That Can Change How You Market Yourself

What set of associations will you want for your brand, as a writer, to create and maintain? Today, we’re dissecting one sentence about core identity concepts, written by Joyce Jensch. The final step in Level Three – Creating Your Platform of the Writer’s Conquest.

The Writer’s Conquest – Level Four: Back to Writing Basics

Welcome to the fourth installment of the ongoing YouTube series for writers, providing all the marketing and writing advice needed to take on the Writer’s Conquest. Going back to writing basics proved quite large, so large that the video has been split into two parts to allow you the time needed to complete each ofContinue reading “The Writer’s Conquest – Level Four: Back to Writing Basics”

Five Songs to Listen as You Write Short Stories

As you create your platform and ensure your writing foundation is strong, it’s important to find places to be published. Short stories are a great way to get some experience, make some mistakes, and most importantly be seen in the writing community. It’s a frightening step, as it takes you from writing alone, and havingContinue reading “Five Songs to Listen as You Write Short Stories”

Four Easy Tips to Find Time to Write

One of the hardest questions a writer has to ask is “When do you have time to write?” unless you’re one of the lucky few to receive a massive advance right out of the gate, odds are you have another job, or means of income, to allow you to have a roof over your headContinue reading “Four Easy Tips to Find Time to Write”

Create a Successful Tagline to Drive Your Author Platform

      As you create a platform for your work to be seen, a central tagline to drive your platform will be absolutely necessary.       The question you’re probably asking is “Do you need a tagline for your books or for you as an author?” This blog focuses on the author tagline,Continue reading “Create a Successful Tagline to Drive Your Author Platform”

The Writer’s Conquest – Level Three – Creating a Platform

The third level of the Writer’s Conquest has officially arrived, showing you the way to create a platform for readers to find, and see, your writing.   Blog posts on the topic at hand are already here, and will keep comign this week. See the first post, Creating Your Brand Vision, and the second, TellingContinue reading “The Writer’s Conquest – Level Three – Creating a Platform”

The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Five Books to Develop a Brand Story and Go Back to Writing Basics

This week you learned how to create a brand story, and went back to writing basics. Now, it’s time to add to the library of some books that will help you with these tasks for your Friday fuel. As I obtained my MBA from Regis University, I read a ton of books on marketing andContinue reading “The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Five Books to Develop a Brand Story and Go Back to Writing Basics”