Four Biggest Lessons Culled from the Writer’s Digest Conference

This past weekend I traveled to New York to the Writer’s Digest Conference. I returned home well after midnight due to a delayed departure. Having gotten 5 or fewer hours of sleep for nearly a week, it took some time to recuperate. The conference was equally invigorating and exhausting. You arrive home, eager to goContinue reading “Four Biggest Lessons Culled from the Writer’s Digest Conference”

Why Trendsetters are Your Most Important Readers

Early adopters, trendsetters, they’re a massively coveted demographic in marketing. The reason being is that once you nab the trendsetters, you’ll instantly grasp a group of people that create free marketing for your business or product. Trendsetters are the people blogging about new technologies before they even are launched. They’re the people who Tweet aboutContinue reading “Why Trendsetters are Your Most Important Readers”