Four Biggest Lessons Culled from the Writer’s Digest Conference

This past weekend I traveled to New York to the Writer’s Digest Conference. I returned home well after midnight due to a delayed departure. Having gotten 5 or fewer hours of sleep for nearly a week, it took some time to recuperate. The conference was equally invigorating and exhausting. You arrive home, eager to goContinue reading “Four Biggest Lessons Culled from the Writer’s Digest Conference”


One element that is persistently required of your website or blog is consistency. It’s vital. By doing so, you create a consistent voice for yourself on the web and it creates content on a calendar. What does “Consistency” in writing blog posts and content on your website mean? Exactly that, it means that there is somethingContinue reading “NECESSITIES OF SEARCH: CONSISTENCY”

Denver Comic Con Schedule

Last year was my first at Denver Comic Con as an attendee, this year I’ll be there as a panelist, moderator and to mark the official release of The Writer’s Conquest: Establish a Brand. ALL WEEKEND you’ll be able to find me in Author’s Alley. I won’t be far from the Umbrella Corps or Xfinity areas.Continue reading “Denver Comic Con Schedule”


You want people to find your site, your social media, and web content. Otherwise, there is no point. You’re just talking to yourself. Which brings us to the first lesson in a six-post series called “Necessities of Search.” In this series, we’ll unravel the most important elements you’ll need to gain a stronger foothold ofContinue reading “NECESSITIES OF SEARCH: KEYWORDS”

The WHY – Part 4: Why are you creating content?

The final element of “The Why” in your marketing approach has arrived. This goes back again to more social media and conventions, the interactions you have that may not be direct sales, but creates a community. Why are you creating content? If you are blogging, why? If you are creating handouts or promotional materials, why?Continue reading “The WHY – Part 4: Why are you creating content?”

The WHY – Part 3: Why are you trying to reach out?

We’ve answered why your brand has to exist and why you are writing. Now let’s focus in on social media interactions and appearances in the world. We do that by asking the question, “Why are you trying to reach out?” Why are you on Tumblr and not Facebook? Why are you interacting with fans? WhyContinue reading “The WHY – Part 3: Why are you trying to reach out?”

The WHY – Part 2: Why are you writing?

We’ve answered why your brand has to exist, but why are you writing? Part 2 of 12 in the most important questions you have to ask yourself in marketing your author brand as we take on the Writer’s Conquest together.

The WHY – Part 1: Why does your brand have to exist?

As you create your author brand, there are several questions that need to be asked, thus a twelve week series starting today that looks at the three most important questions to ask, and the sub-categories needed for you to understand what you are creating, how you’ll be executing it all, but first we have toContinue reading “The WHY – Part 1: Why does your brand have to exist?”


How can the current political and economic standing of your region change how you write? It depends on how you want to sell your book, my friend. And depending on that choice, it may focus your marketing efforts as well as narrow your avenues to be published. Now that you’ve identified all elements of SWOTContinue reading “SWOT and PEST ANALYSIS: PART THREE: POLITICAL and ECONOMICAL”

SWOT and PEST Analysis: Part One – Strengths and Weaknesses

In any marketing plan, it will become absolutely essential to understand the market you are entering, the competition, target demographics, and where you fit into said market. While a SWOT and PEST analysis won’t provide every answer, it will help you understand more about what you can, and shouldn’t, do in today’s marketplace. As weContinue reading “SWOT and PEST Analysis: Part One – Strengths and Weaknesses”