Why authors should pay attention to the demise of Flash.

No, not the superhero. This is even nerdier of a conversation. Adobe Flash has supported multiple facets of the internet for years. However, its demise has been a long time coming. Now, Flash’s final tolls have been rung, and its last bow is all but here. For those completely unfamiliar with Flash, you’ve seen it. YouContinue reading “Why authors should pay attention to the demise of Flash.”

The HOW – Part 3: How will you affect your audience?

“How will you affect your audience?” Week seven in asking marketing questions for writers. We discuss how advertising methods of A/B Testing and Call-To-Action (CTA) are absolutely vital.


You’ve identified your Strengths and Weaknesses, that’s half of a SWOT Marketing Analysis for writers. Now it’s time to look for Opportunities and Threats. Now before you get all cutthroat and say “Steven, Steven is a threat! That guy’s a jerk!” please realize that’s not what I’m talking about. With the current climate and yourContinue reading “SWOT and PEST ANALYSIS: PART TWO: OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS”

Create a Marketing Plan for Your Writing, Part Four: Revise and Review Often

Now that the rubber has hit the road, the marketing plan should be complete. However, there is one final step that will be necessary moving forward. As you execute the marketing plan, you will begin seeing some successes and other areas that aren’t showing the numbers you want. When your measurable steps aren’t satisfactory, itContinue reading “Create a Marketing Plan for Your Writing, Part Four: Revise and Review Often”

Take Risks with Your Author Voice

Now that you’ve defined your author voice and found the unique sound to gain loyal readers, it’s time to take risks. That’s not to say stretch your voice to the point of becoming unrecognizable; rather, it is a challenge to find ways to channel your voice in a way audiences may not expect. These risksContinue reading “Take Risks with Your Author Voice”

What is Red Ocean Strategy? And Why Should Writers Try to Avoid It?

As we begin our dive into the Blue Ocean Strategy, it is important to understand what most businesses do, and why it doesn’t work. It’s called the Red Ocean Strategy. The majority of businesses practice some form of the Red Ocean Strategy. It is either when businesses enter an over-saturated marketplace, or they simply defendContinue reading “What is Red Ocean Strategy? And Why Should Writers Try to Avoid It?”

The Writer’s Conquest – Level Seven – Blue Ocean Strategy

If you’ve studied business, then at this point you may have already come across this very heavily studied marketing strategy. If so, let’s elaborate. If not, welcome and let’s get started by finding ways to use Blue OCean Strategy to build a unique author brand and sell your books by creating your own market, insteadContinue reading “The Writer’s Conquest – Level Seven – Blue Ocean Strategy”

Specificity is Your Greatest Genre Ally

No matter what genre(s) you’re writing, the specifics of your genre writing can help to determine whether your book is an instant genre masterpiece or an example of what not to do in the writing community. Let’s break it down a bit more. You’re reading a novel involving an investigator attempting to solve a murder. Continue reading “Specificity is Your Greatest Genre Ally”

Why Trendsetters are Your Most Important Readers

Early adopters, trendsetters, they’re a massively coveted demographic in marketing. The reason being is that once you nab the trendsetters, you’ll instantly grasp a group of people that create free marketing for your business or product. Trendsetters are the people blogging about new technologies before they even are launched. They’re the people who Tweet aboutContinue reading “Why Trendsetters are Your Most Important Readers”