An Interview with Author Josh Vogt

In a calendar year, most authors would celebrate their book being released and consider it one of the most pivotal years of their career. Author Josh Vogt has two. The first, Enter the Janitor, was released by Wordfire Press on May 3, and is available now. His second release is a tie-in to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, entitled ForgeContinue reading “An Interview with Author Josh Vogt”

Blog Hop: How/Why I Write and 3 Writers You Should Check Out!

Author Josh Vogt tagged me in this continuing series of writer’s blog hops. I’m posting this on the last day of my paternity leave, as I know headed back to the ad agency is going to be crazy. Hundreds of e-mails to read, massive projects to get caught back up on, then come home toContinue reading “Blog Hop: How/Why I Write and 3 Writers You Should Check Out!”