Writer’s Conquest – Level One – Establishing a Brand

Welcome to the official kickoff of the Writer’s Conquest video series. The videos will give you all the essentials you need, but you can go into more depth each week, for four weeks, on the topic at hand. This month, we’re looking at Establishing a Brand for the marketing side and Deciding What to WriteContinue reading “Writer’s Conquest – Level One – Establishing a Brand”

The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Five Instruments to Survive the Writing World

There are a multitude of tools a writer, or artist, needs to get their work done. So here you have a diverse set of instruments to use at your disposal, I give you this week’s Artist’s Hobo Tool. The Knife is sharp, functional, and to the point. Here are some harsh realities of becoming aContinue reading “The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Five Instruments to Survive the Writing World”

Should You Write for Trends?

            Well, you looked at your bookshelf, but still can’t decide what to write. You’ve also determined the key elements to develop your author brand. What’s the next process? You begin looking at what’s hot in the market and who the trendsetters are in the publishing industry.             If you wereContinue reading “Should You Write for Trends?”

Five Elements of an Established Writer’s Brand

An established brand, what is it? An established brand is when a business, or personality, has clearly articulated the entirety of their purpose clearly to their consumers. That’s the closest to a textbook definition we’ll get. But there are five elements for you to define as you establish your writing/author brand.

The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Tools to Establish Your Brand and Determine What You’ll Write

      Welcome to this week’s Artist’s Hobo Tool, where I give you the tools you’ll need to research this week’s topic and answer the questions posed.       On Tuesday, we looked at what it takes to create brand identity as a writer or creative artist in this world. We asked fourContinue reading “The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Tools to Establish Your Brand and Determine What You’ll Write”

The Easiest Way to Determine What You’ll Write

            What will you write? For some that are just getting started, there may be no tougher question. You see the trends of what is selling, and are tempted to join the bandwagon. You see your favorite books, but struggle to understand how you could ever write something that good. ThereContinue reading “The Easiest Way to Determine What You’ll Write”

You’re a writer, how do you establish your brand?

As a writer, have you defined your brand? Will your readers know what kind of book you’ll create? Here are four questions to ask, if you don’t know them all, think about what you’d like the answers to be. These four questions will help any writer establish their brand.

The Writer’s Conquest Officially Begins

Today marks the official start to the Writer’s Conquest, a combination of marketing advice and writing advice in the ever so long journey to become a published writer. There are a multitude of areas I’ll need to introduce you to as we get started.