Turn Your Author Bio Into a Brand Story

All too often writers think about their book, and all too often they ignore their story. As we create a platform for you to stand upon and find a place for your work, we’ve developed your brand vision. Now, comes the time to develop a brand story. The brand story isn’t going to be tooContinue reading “Turn Your Author Bio Into a Brand Story”

The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Tools to Create a Writing Plan

This week, we wrapped up deciding what you’ll write, and launched levels three and four of the Writer’s Conquest: Creating a Marketing Platform and Going Back to Writing Basics. So here are some tools to help you map out a plan as you move forward to the next level of your writing career, and learnContinue reading “The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Tools to Create a Writing Plan”

An Easy Scorecard to See How Well You Write

As we’ve finished determining what you’ll write, it’s important to go back to basics. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started, or an established writer, basics are never a bad thing to revisit. Step one will be determining how well you write. Everyone asks that about themselves as a writer, sometimes to a scrutinizingContinue reading “An Easy Scorecard to See How Well You Write”

Creating a Vision for Your Author Brand

At this point, if you’ve completed Levels One and Two, Establishing Your Brand, and Determining What to Write. Now it’s time to progress to Level Three of The Writer’s Conquest, Creating a Platform. No, you cannot go to Home Depot, get a few 2x4s and construct something to stand on, that’s not the platform beingContinue reading “Creating a Vision for Your Author Brand”

What Message Will You Send as a Writer?

If you’re an aspiring writer looking to decide what to write, or an established writer refining your approach, one of the most important aspects to put into place is deciding what message you will send. Think of your favorite author, what message is sent by that author? Is it one of defiance against established systemsContinue reading “What Message Will You Send as a Writer?”

An Interview with Robert Davis, author of “Rakasha.”

Today marks the release of “Rakasha,” a collection of short stories from author Robert Davis. With a novel coming in November, these short stories interconnect his narratives as he delves into horror further, and continues to travel well beyond pigeonholing himself into one genre. Davis was kind enough to sit down and take the timeContinue reading “An Interview with Robert Davis, author of “Rakasha.””

What it Takes to Differentiate Your Brand.

We’ve spent three weeks toward establishing your brand as a writer, now it’s time for perhaps the most important aspect, differentiating it. Differentiation is what separates you from the rest of the aspiring, and published, writers out there today. As the market is consistently saturated and companies merging leaves a multitude of questions, differentiation is vital.Continue reading “What it Takes to Differentiate Your Brand.”

The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Five Tools for Brand Messaging, Author Voice, and Relaxation

This week’s Artist Hobo’s Tool delivers five different tools and exercises to help find your brand messaging and determine a voice. Tool One: In creating your Brand Story, it’s always great to see what’s been done, that way you can see good examples. This will allow you to see what has worked, as well asContinue reading “The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Five Tools for Brand Messaging, Author Voice, and Relaxation”

How Author Voice Helps Decide What You’ll Write

We’ve asked the easiest question to determine what you’ll write, and we discussed whether or not you should write for trends. Now, the next step in deciding what to write is looking at your author voice. An author voice is what your writing conveys to readers. It’s the personality of you, the author, coming throughContinue reading “How Author Voice Helps Decide What You’ll Write”

Creating Your Brand Messaging as a Writer

As we’re in our third week of establishing your brand, at this point we’ve answered four essential questions to create your brand. From that you looked at five elements of an established brand, now you’ll translate the answers to the questions and your elements, and translate them into the pieces that will be a part of yourContinue reading “Creating Your Brand Messaging as a Writer”