Myths and Legends Con – 2017 Schedule!

9 hours of programming for Myths and Legends Con this year! I’ve been at this con every year and look forward to it. This will mark my fifth year at MALCon and it continues to be one of my favorites! With the smaller attendance, you get a chance to talk to people, take a breath, reallyContinue reading “Myths and Legends Con – 2017 Schedule!”


Denver Comic Con Schedule

Last year was my first at Denver Comic Con as an attendee, this year I’ll be there as a panelist, moderator and to mark the official release of The Writer’s Conquest: Establish a Brand. ALL WEEKEND you’ll be able to find me in Author’s Alley. I won’t be far from the Umbrella Corps or Xfinity areas.Continue reading “Denver Comic Con Schedule”

An Author Interview with Stant Litore: Myths, Legends & Special Editions

Author Stant Litore has a busy second half of 2015 ahead of him. From August 14 – 16, he’ll be the author Guest of Honor at the annual Myths and Legends Con. He’ll be there all weekend on panels, appearing alongside other artists and authors. In addition, he keeps an active Patreon page. A recentContinue reading “An Author Interview with Stant Litore: Myths, Legends & Special Editions”

The Easiest Way to Determine What You’ll Write

            What will you write? For some that are just getting started, there may be no tougher question. You see the trends of what is selling, and are tempted to join the bandwagon. You see your favorite books, but struggle to understand how you could ever write something that good. ThereContinue reading “The Easiest Way to Determine What You’ll Write”

You’re a writer, how do you establish your brand?

As a writer, have you defined your brand? Will your readers know what kind of book you’ll create? Here are four questions to ask, if you don’t know them all, think about what you’d like the answers to be. These four questions will help any writer establish their brand.

It’s the final countdown

Today marks a significant date, today marks the beginning of the official countdown to my submission of my first novel, Current, to the Nelson Literary Agency. So here we go, 37 days to go, Europe’s “Final Countdown” played on my iPod at the gym this morning, a tough day for weight lifting since I am on the ending streak of a cold.

Interview with Quarrymen guitarist Rod Davis on John Lennon film, “Nowhere Boy.”

Tomorrow night, Colorado moviegoing audiences will have the chance to take a trip back in time to celebrate the life of John Lennon in the screening of Nowhere Boy. The film is a dramatic interpretation of Lennon’s early years when he helped form the band, The Quarrymen. Band members would come and go until August of 1960, when the band officially became known as The Beatles. Read the full article, including an interview with current Quarrymen guitarist and vocalist Rod Davis at the Denver Movie Theater website.

Ranking Summer 2010 Movies

Ranking the 2010 summer movies as they are released, check back often for updates!