To Outline, or Not to Outline?

Should a writer outline, or just start writing and let the story unfold organically? Read about some options here and take a poll to share your preferred method as we wrap up Level Four – Back to Writing Basics in the Writer’s Conquest.

One Sentence That Can Change How You Market Yourself

What set of associations will you want for your brand, as a writer, to create and maintain? Today, we’re dissecting one sentence about core identity concepts, written by Joyce Jensch. The final step in Level Three – Creating Your Platform of the Writer’s Conquest.

Creating a Vision for Your Author Brand

At this point, if you’ve completed Levels One and Two, Establishing Your Brand, and Determining What to Write. Now it’s time to progress to Level Three of The Writer’s Conquest, Creating a Platform. No, you cannot go to Home Depot, get a few 2x4s and construct something to stand on, that’s not the platform beingContinue reading “Creating a Vision for Your Author Brand”