Then I Guess I Have to Keep Going!

The other night I talked with two fellow writers about goals. One of the many discussed subjects was self-publishing vs traditional publishing. I’m doing both. Going hybrid is the best route for me because there are some projects I want to get out into the world without the hassle of submitting to agents and publishers.Continue reading “Then I Guess I Have to Keep Going!”

Author Interview with Travis Heermann on his new release, Spirit of the Ronin

The conclusion of the Ronin Trilogy has arrived from author Travis Heermann. Hear more from the author on the culmination of his celebrated series.

The HOW – Part 1: How will you reach your target?

After four weeks of asking “Why,” we ask the second most important question in your marketing approach to grow readers, “How?” Week one asks “How will you reach your target demographic?”

Movember 5th, 2013: It’s Hard to Keep Up

As my duel challenge of Movember and NaNoWriMo continues, one thing is for sure: It is hard to keep the pace up to reach 50,000 words. Working nine to five (more like 7:30-6 if you include commuting), takes enough steam out as it is. Then you add taking care of an almost eleven-month-old takes moreContinue reading “Movember 5th, 2013: It’s Hard to Keep Up”

The Artist’s Hobo Tool: 5 Tools to Measure, and Increase, Productivity

This month’s focus is all about planning and productivity. As we create a marketing plan and track writing progress, it’s important to have tools to help you in your productivity. Let’s start with the simple options: a stopwatch and a notebook. Sometimes going old school with an easy approach is the best way to go.Continue reading “The Artist’s Hobo Tool: 5 Tools to Measure, and Increase, Productivity”

Tracking Your Writing Progress; Why It’s Essential

Unless you’ve inherited a small fortune, the odds are that you have to work at some point to pay the bills, some more than others. Regardless of your current circumstance, finding time to write can be exceedingly difficult. As a result, tracking your writing and progress may be the best avenue for you actually getContinue reading “Tracking Your Writing Progress; Why It’s Essential”

Find Your Readers with Ten Key Factors to Determine Target Demographics

Welcome to Level Five of The Writer’s Conquest, Target Demographics. As you write, there will likely be some people that will really want to read what you have to say. Others will find no interest. That might sting, but it’s the truth. If you try to please everyone, you’ll likely satisfy very few. As amazingContinue reading “Find Your Readers with Ten Key Factors to Determine Target Demographics”

To Outline, or Not to Outline?

Should a writer outline, or just start writing and let the story unfold organically? Read about some options here and take a poll to share your preferred method as we wrap up Level Four – Back to Writing Basics in the Writer’s Conquest.

One Sentence That Can Change How You Market Yourself

What set of associations will you want for your brand, as a writer, to create and maintain? Today, we’re dissecting one sentence about core identity concepts, written by Joyce Jensch. The final step in Level Three – Creating Your Platform of the Writer’s Conquest.

The Writer’s Conquest – Level Four: Back to Writing Basics

Welcome to the fourth installment of the ongoing YouTube series for writers, providing all the marketing and writing advice needed to take on the Writer’s Conquest. Going back to writing basics proved quite large, so large that the video has been split into two parts to allow you the time needed to complete each ofContinue reading “The Writer’s Conquest – Level Four: Back to Writing Basics”