An Author Interview with Stant Litore: Myths, Legends & Special Editions

Author Stant Litore has a busy second half of 2015 ahead of him. From August 14 – 16, he’ll be the author Guest of Honor at the annual Myths and Legends Con. He’ll be there all weekend on panels, appearing alongside other artists and authors. In addition, he keeps an active Patreon page. A recentContinue reading “An Author Interview with Stant Litore: Myths, Legends & Special Editions”

Author Interview with Travis Heermann on his new release, Spirit of the Ronin

The conclusion of the Ronin Trilogy has arrived from author Travis Heermann. Hear more from the author on the culmination of his celebrated series.

An Interview with Author Josh Vogt

In a calendar year, most authors would celebrate their book being released and consider it one of the most pivotal years of their career. Author Josh Vogt has two. The first, Enter the Janitor, was released by Wordfire Press on May 3, and is available now. His second release is a tie-in to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, entitled ForgeContinue reading “An Interview with Author Josh Vogt”

Personifying Nuclear Warheads: Author Interview with Mike Meginnis

It takes a bold writer to personify two of the darkest events in human history. Author Mike Meginnis was the winner of Black Balloon Publishing’s inaugural Horatio Nelson Fiction Prize. His novel, Fat Man and Little Boy, hit the shelves on October 1st. The two atomic bombs dropped over Japan are born into human beingsContinue reading “Personifying Nuclear Warheads: Author Interview with Mike Meginnis”

Traveling the Broken Road: An Author Interview with K.M. Alexander

Author K.M. Alexander celebrated the release of his second novel, Old Broken Road, earlier this week. To discuss his latest release, we set up an interview and below is what followed.

When Zombies and the Bible Collide: An Author Interview with Stant Litore

An interview with Zombie Bible series author Stant Litore on his latest, I Will Hold My Death Close. I see if he can handle a baker’s dozen bundle of questions.

An Interview with Robert Davis, author of “Rakasha.”

Today marks the release of “Rakasha,” a collection of short stories from author Robert Davis. With a novel coming in November, these short stories interconnect his narratives as he delves into horror further, and continues to travel well beyond pigeonholing himself into one genre. Davis was kind enough to sit down and take the timeContinue reading “An Interview with Robert Davis, author of “Rakasha.””