Four Biggest Lessons Culled from the Writer’s Digest Conference

This past weekend I traveled to New York to the Writer’s Digest Conference. I returned home well after midnight due to a delayed departure. Having gotten 5 or fewer hours of sleep for nearly a week, it took some time to recuperate. The conference was equally invigorating and exhausting. You arrive home, eager to goContinue reading “Four Biggest Lessons Culled from the Writer’s Digest Conference”


One element that is persistently required of your website or blog is consistency. It’s vital. By doing so, you create a consistent voice for yourself on the web and it creates content on a calendar. What does “Consistency” in writing blog posts and content on your website mean? Exactly that, it means that there is somethingContinue reading “NECESSITIES OF SEARCH: CONSISTENCY”


Search, it’s the tactical way to get people to see your website, your blog. If you missed the first entry about Keywords, you can catch up on the first entry on the necessities of search by clicking here. The second element that you have to understand about search is crawling. It’s getting into technical terminology.Continue reading “NECESSITIES OF SEARCH: CRAWLING”

Denver Comic Con Schedule

Last year was my first at Denver Comic Con as an attendee, this year I’ll be there as a panelist, moderator and to mark the official release of The Writer’s Conquest: Establish a Brand. ALL WEEKEND you’ll be able to find me in Author’s Alley. I won’t be far from the Umbrella Corps or Xfinity areas.Continue reading “Denver Comic Con Schedule”

BOOK RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT – The Writer’s Conquest: Establish A Brand

The Writer’s Conquest blog started in 2008. That first year mustered a depressing 164 views. However, after years of posts and hard work there are over 2,000 followers of this blog as well as thousands of unique visits per year. It’s been validating to see that people need marketing advice as writers and creators. Now it’sContinue reading “BOOK RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT – The Writer’s Conquest: Establish A Brand”


You want people to find your site, your social media, and web content. Otherwise, there is no point. You’re just talking to yourself. Which brings us to the first lesson in a six-post series called “Necessities of Search.” In this series, we’ll unravel the most important elements you’ll need to gain a stronger foothold ofContinue reading “NECESSITIES OF SEARCH: KEYWORDS”

Why authors should pay attention to the demise of Flash.

No, not the superhero. This is even nerdier of a conversation. Adobe Flash has supported multiple facets of the internet for years. However, its demise has been a long time coming. Now, Flash’s final tolls have been rung, and its last bow is all but here. For those completely unfamiliar with Flash, you’ve seen it. YouContinue reading “Why authors should pay attention to the demise of Flash.”

The WHAT – Part 2: What strategies will you implement?

There are a number of strategies to think through as you create your marketing. But what are marketing strategies you, the author, can implement? This will have large variance depending on your career status. If you have an established agent and publisher, then your strategy will have to largely adhere to the rules set forthContinue reading “The WHAT – Part 2: What strategies will you implement?”

The WHAT – Part 1: What tactics will you use?

What you’re creating is one of the early pitfalls writers worry about. Before answering the questions of “Why am I making an author platform?” or “How will I make an impact?” they ask the question “What am I making?” One of the most important things to remember is that without understanding why or how you’llContinue reading “The WHAT – Part 1: What tactics will you use?”