BOOK RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT – The Writer’s Conquest: Establish A Brand

The Writer’s Conquest blog started in 2008. That first year mustered a depressing 164 views. However, after years of posts and hard work there are over 2,000 followers of this blog as well as thousands of unique visits per year. It’s been validating to see that people need marketing advice as writers and creators.

Now it’s time to take it to the next step. Introducing the first installment of The Writer’s Conquest book series: Establish a Brand.


The book will be officially released at Denver Comic Con, June 17-19 where I will be there all weekend. Come by Author’s Alley and stop by booth AA14 to pick up your copy. If you attend my panel on Overcoming Creative Fears, there will be a giveaway of a free copy! The panel is Friday from 6-6:50 p.m. in room 506/507. That’s right. One room wasn’t enough to keep this panel contained!

So what the hell is this book? Allow me to explain:

Marketing is hard. You want to focus on your writing and you should. That’s why The Writer’s Conquest: Establish Your Brand exists: to allow you to write first and market second. If the terms “target demographics,” “website responsive design,” and “organic S.E.O.” sound like a foreign language to you, read this book and bring the ad agency experience to your author platform. Beginning with research, you’ll then learn what goes into brand strategy and finish with an executable marketing plan.

With 35 exercises to walk you through the process, The Writer’s Conquest is equal parts learning and doing. Whether you are an established author looking to refine your approach, or an aspiring writer gearing up to enter the industry, The Writer’s Conquest takes marketing step-by-step to sell your books and your brand.

So there you have it. The book will be available on Amazon and other platforms soon. In the meantime, subscribe to get free marketing advice. Big thanks to Vivian Trask, Bree Crowder, Harry Forehand III, and Quincy J. Allen for their incredible work.

See you at Denver Comic Con (full schedule coming soon) and thank you, everyone.



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Thomas A. Fowler is the author of nerdy things, entertaining readers by writing primarily science fiction. An award-winning author, he self-publishes some books while pursuing the traditional route with his feature-length projects. Fowler works as a Producer/Project Manager to help pay the bills, especially since he is a father of four. He's had work featured in Buzzfeed, AdAge, Creativity Online, and is a proud Hufflepuff, INFJ, and forever Team Cap!

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