Thank you, everyone.

Cover design by Kyla Umemoto.
Cover design by Kyla Umemoto.

The Inkshares & Nerdist Sci-Fi Fantasy Contest ended a few minutes ago. I did not make it into the top five, which was necessary to get the publishing contract. I finished in the top 100, which is saying something considering the massive amount of submissions. It shows there is a community of support. More importantly is showed me people want to read this book, which is an incredible feeling. This book concept came together in 2008, so it has been an arduous seven year journey that still awaits a conclusion. I’m eager for this conclusion. Today I feel a mixed bag of emotions. Short term I’m feeling anger and disappointment, wondering what I could have done to win this. I’ll question my writing. It’s natural to take some hits on days like this.

Long term I’m feeling hopeful and reinvigorated. This is because I saw support from so many different people. Many coworkers at my ad agency, Vladimir Jones, were the first people on board. They sounded the call and led the charge. Many of my writing friends I’ve come to know the last few years shared and pre-ordered. Friends from high school and college rallied behind me. Random people ordered the book, which I cannot tell you how good that feels. People I do not know and have never met found the book to be intriguing enough to support my entry in this contest. Fewer things invoke that level of enthusiasm in a writer than that.

I also have to give a massive thanks to all of the fellow writers in this contest. It’s rare you enter a competition and everyone helps one another. Social media champs included Rachel Berkey and R. Heinz. Have to thank Robert Wren and C. Brenneke for the recommendations, and S.T. Ranscht & Robert P. Beus for their incredible, personalized recommendation. I’m going to use that in my book proposal for submitting to new agents and publishers. And I quote: “Reminiscent of Michael Crichton’s work, Current promises to be a tense adventure/mystery based on environmental progress.”

Congratulations to Zachary Tyler Linville,Brian Guthrie, R. Heinz, Dave Barrett, and Andrew J. Ainsworth for making the top five. It was well deserved and lost to some incredible competition. Can’t wait to read them when they’re released.

Thank you to Inkshares and The Nerdist for providing the opportunity. HUGE thanks to Kyla Umemoto for creating a book cover for me literally in a day and a half.

I’m not going to lie: today stings, but I’m also coming out reinvigorated because of the support shown by all of you. Now it’s on to the agents and publishers I haven’t queried yet. Thank you, everyone.


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  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement, Thomas — the recommendation stands. I’m eager to read Current, and I’m confident you’ll find the perfect agent and publisher.

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