Inkshares & Nerdist Sci-Fi/Fantasy Competition: Week Two Results

Cover design by Kyla Umemoto.
Cover design by Kyla Umemoto.

Lots of traction, but still a long way to go. A big congratulations has to be extended to the top ten because they are certainly making it a competition. Each of the books have their own unique spin and I’d read any one of them.

Having said that, looking forward to another week. With the Inkshares & Nerdist Sci-Fi/Fantasy competition, the top five books with the most unique pre-orders win the competition and get published. Meaning by showing your support, the reward is the novel itself.

Appreciate your support, if you cannot pre-order the novel, consider sharing to show your support wherever possible. Much appreciated and can’t wait to see what this week has to bring.

Pre-order the novel and follow progress over at the Inkshares website:


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