Inkshares & Nerdist Sci-Fi/Fantasy Competition: Week One Results

Cover design by Kyla Umemoto.
Cover design by Kyla Umemoto.

My campaign for my science fiction novel, Current, has only been active for three calendar days. Having entered this match late in the game, I’m so ecstatic to announce that I’m over a third of the way to enter the top ten, out of what appears to be nearly 300 entries. And I’m over a quarter of the way into the top five, which would make me a winner of the Inkshares Science-Fiction & Fantasy Competition and considered for implementation into The Nerdist Collection. In looking at who’s donating, I thought it’d be fun to set up various groups, see who wins among the groups.

Advertisers – 55%

Family– 18%

Friends – 9%

Fans – 9%

Writing Tribe – 9%

Let’s keep it going. I’ll have an exciting announcement for those who pre-order the book coming later on in the competition. Thank you everyone. To pre-order the book, please visit my InkShares page. You will not be charged for the book until I win.


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