5 Things I’m Ecstatic About for AnomalyCon 2015

1795254_10152307807266138_889730037_o1) The Schedule

Every year the schedule at Anomaly Con gets bigger, bolder, and with cooler guests. I’m happy to say this is my third year at the event. It’s been such an experience to watch it grow in the way that it has. The panels at Anomaly Con are also tackling heavier topics, and the Safety/Sexuality panels I’m on I’ll take particular pride in as a husband and father.

So Charming, Not Creepy Join our gentlemen (and ladies) of class in discussing how to approach people and be friendly (or even strike up a romance) without being that creep. A lesson on etiquette, common sense and fandom with respect. C. Kemp, J. Vogt, J. Brawner, T.A. Fowler. Fri 6pm
Sympathetic Villains We love to hate them, or just can’t resist rooting for them to be redeemed. Why is our culture fascinated with sympathetic villains, and what does that say about us? T.A. Fowler, L. Shields, S. West, S. Ficklin, A. Kessler Sat 9am
Things I Learned From Books (That I Should Have Learned From…) Sexuality and surprises in fiction, and the stories we read that opened our eyes to a bigger world. Did you get “the talk” from a book? This one’s for you. T. A. Fowler, J. Campbell, J. Brawner, P. Nihiser Sat 12pm
What’s Your Sign? Author Branding for Success. Without a brand, how will they know what books to read? B. Cherf, T.A. Fowler Sat 5pm
Evolving the Writing Process Have an idea, but can’t seem to get started? The answer isn’t always just “Write write write!” V.A. Hughes, T.A. Fowler, J. Vogt, J. Nye Sun 1pm
Becoming Uncomfortable Difficult Conversations to expand our understanding of community. Being willing to ask–and answer–the hard questions. T.A. Fowler, L.J. Hachmeister, Ay-leen the Peacemaker, A. Rogers, M. Mohanraj, C. Rose (M) Sun 2pm

10001197_10152307808911138_1172057448_o2) The Costumes

Every year the costumes are more impressive. There are always surprises.

3) Fellow Artists and Writers

Every year Anomaly Con recruits a bevy of talent to make the experience more impactful than the year before. This year there are new faces I cannot wait to meet, and familiar ones that I haven’t seen in a while. The podcast, Beyond the Trope, will be there and we actually just spoke for their 50th episode about author brands and platforms. You can hear it over on iTunes or Stitcher.

4) Meeting a fellow Fowler

In addition to my presence, there will be an unrelated Fowler there, Megan. For our name being common, I’ve met very few. Happy to meet one that also is involved in the creative community.

5) The Last Year I Don’t Need a Table

Later this year will see the release of my non-fiction work, The Writer’s Conquest: Establish Your Brand. A book that walks writers and creative types through the process of establishing a brand that audiences can support, and want to engage. Official release date coming soon, but for now, I’m just so excited that this will be my last year at conventions, such as AnomalyCon, where I don’t need a table.

See you all there, if you haven’t bought tickets yet, they will be available at the door. Find out more at the AnomalyCon Official Website.


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