This Is What Not Everyone Will Tell You About Rejection

Some great thoughts as I send another drove of query letters.

Thought Catalog

Flickr / Hamed SaberFlickr / Hamed Saber

Chasing a dream? Here’s the thing: If there comes a point where you find yourself hitting a wall, doubting yourself, questioning whether or not you are cut out for it, you are doing it right.

If only I could reach through this computer screen, grab hold of your shoulders, look you square in the eye, and tell you what my mother once told me: “Do not be afraid. These are signs of success.”

Nothing great was ever accomplished over night, even if it appears that way for others. Constantly comparing yourself is one of the most destructive hells to endure because we are all on different chapters of our lives.

Employers don’t always hire the right people. The best ones aren’t always chosen first. You and your work won’t always be justly recognized or valued.

So if you reach the point where you are not picked…

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