The HOW – Part 2: How does your marketing create interactions?

How-YouTube            We’ve asked how you’ll find your target audience. But more importantly, how will your marketing approach reach interactions? The word interaction is being used in a broad way. Interactions can mean social media follows, book giveaway contest entries, newsletter signups, and of course book sales.

It’s one thing to reach your target audience, but if you reach them and they do nothing, then it didn’t work. You have to understand the different interactions and what they mean? A Twitter push shouldn’t just be tweeting a link to buy your book every few hours. The repetition and pandering won’t resonate. Therefore, the interactions you have on Twitter should be focused on conversation, sharing lists, news items relating to your book topic. Create a conversation that users want to relate to, and interact.

If you do your job well enough, then they will respond with the periodic posting of reviews and the buy links. If your book aims for a conservative Christian audience, you’ll have to carefully navigate what content you’re posting as well. Certain genres and demographics can be turned away with the simple sharing of a political view. Don’t ever forget that fact. Go back to the “Heineken Sponsors Dog Fights” fiasco.

A bar that Heineken sponsored was holding illegal dog fights at night without their knowledge. A picture was leaked on the internet of a dog fight occurring and Heineken banners are everywhere. Immediately they pulled their sponsorship and fined the bar for violation of their contract. Obviously Heineken wouldn’t be stupid enough to consciously sponsor a dogfight. However, it didn’t stop the internet from tearing them apart and creating a PR nightmare. The photo seems to get odd ebbs and flows of sharing on the web, resulting in them restating their stance and the circumstances.

So be aware of how you’re creating interactions with your audience. It’s shaky ground in this day and age. How are you increasing interactions with your advertising? Chime in with the comments section. The conversation’s always live on Twitter @ThomasAFowler, use the hash-tag #WritersConquest. As always, keep checking my official website for the latest updates. Thanks so much for taking on the Writer’s Conquest.

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