Movember 5th, 2013: It’s Hard to Keep Up

Our first of many weekly updates to our Movember progress.
Our first of many weekly updates to our Movember progress.

As my duel challenge of Movember and NaNoWriMo continues, one thing is for sure: It is hard to keep the pace up to reach 50,000 words. Working nine to five (more like 7:30-6 if you include commuting), takes enough steam out as it is. Then you add taking care of an almost eleven-month-old takes more time that I’m not willing to lose. Add that to spending quality time with my wife, and the time to write 1,666.6 repeating words per day is proving damned near impossible.

While I’m averaging almost 1,000 words a day, the bridge to add the devil’s favorite number to that stack would mean no sleep. And this is when my daughter has learned to pull herself up, which means she isn’t sleeping, which means Mom & Dad sure aren’t sleeping either. It’s the reality. I’m pushing myself every night. However, I’m beginning to see that 50,000 words in one month probably isn’t going to happen unless I sacrifice time at work, or time with my wife and daughter. I’m not going to be that guy.

So that’s the reality, I will not stop through the month of November. However, I simply have to accept that my second novel will not have a completed first draft on December 1st. However, if I keep the current pace, the end of December could certainly be possible. Perhaps I’ve just found my new pace and groove?

In other news, Movember is in full swing and my agency team has posted our first weekly collage of whiskery faces. Come join the fight to change the face of men’s health and donate. You can donate either on my personal page, or my team page. If you cannot donate, won’t you share the word?

Thank you so much and we’ll see you tomorrow to discuss writer’s block. How’s your NaNoWriMo or Movember coming? Chime in with the comments section. The conversation’s always live on Twitter @ThomasAFowler, use the hash-tag #WritersConquest. As always, keep checking my official website for the latest updates. Thanks so much for taking on the Writer’s Conquest.

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