Tracking Your Writing Progress; Why It’s Essential

Unless you’ve inherited a small fortune, the odds are that you have to work at some point to pay the bills, some more than others. Regardless of your current circumstance, finding time to write can be exceedingly difficult. As a result, tracking your writing and progress may be the best avenue for you actually get writing done.

So how does one track? It depends on your situation. If you have a very unpredictable schedule, it may be best to write down when you wrote, but more importantly how much you wrote during that time. That way you can see just how much progress you are making. Tracking the time you do not write could be just important. What happens if you start finding trends of time wasting that consistently appear.

If you track the time you don’t write and, more importantly, why you’re not writing, you may suddenly realize you could slow down your Netflix television show binges.

At the same time, perhaps your schedule allows for a very small period of time. If that’s the case, make sure you’re utilizing the small windows of time. Anyone who says that they don’t write that way, and they just let the story unfold naturally, haven’t spent enough time with the writing community. Oftentimes the best ideas come when you force yourself to write. It forces the mind to keep active and search for methods to increase tension, heighten character motivation. Plus, if you’re creating a great marketing plan for yourself, then part of said plan will include goals to sell your writing and help pay the bills.

As you begin tracking your writing, and when you are not writing, you’ll begin to find loopholes to close and aim for higher word counts during a set time. Tracking your writing will help you become a more efficient writer, more productive, and creating measurable data for you to reference.

Friday will provide five methods to track productivity, so keep checking back. What’s your preferred method of tracking your writing progress? Chime in with the comments section. The conversation’s always live on Twitter @ThomasAFowler, use the hash-tag #WritersConquest. As always, keep checking my official website for the latest updates. Thanks so much for taking on the Writer’s Conquest.


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