11 Astoundingly Powerful Movies That Will Completely Decimate Your Heart

Thought Catalog

I love sad movies. It’s weird, but a good sad movie actually makes me feel better; it’s like the story absorbs my shitty feelings and attaches them to a something fictional instead of whatever chaotic hell storm of emotion is currently raging in my brain. You know how sometimes cheering up a friend when you feel sad yourself makes you feel better? It’s like that.

The movies below are my favorite emotional shit-shows not simply because they are sad but because they creep into the crevices of your psyche and stay there forever. Like aneurisms that kill you softly.

The most powerful works of art are those that affect who you are, how you live, and/or what you understand about the human condition. The best sad movies are ones you don’t forget because, well, you can’t.

The movies below broke my fucking heart.

1. Requiem for a Dream (2000)

I know…

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