Discover Your Author Voice with Movies, Music, Poetry, Art and Video Games

We’ve begun diving into unique voice with a writer, so what better way to analyze voice than to see key examples in different mediums to relate closely to it all.

Let’s start with film. One of the most unique voices, whether you like him or hate him, is Quentin Tarantino. When you go into a Tarantino film, you pretty much know what to expect in terms of tone. You will expect racy remarks, lots of revenge and obscure film references.

With regards to music, who had more of a unique voice to their musical style and approach than David Byrne and the Talking Heads? When you pick up anything involving David Byrne, you’re probably going to be surprised, but it will be quirky and eccentric, to say the least.

As far as poetry goes, there are a ton of choices. A personal favorite always has been, and always will be Walt Whitman. His inspirational poetry was enough to be a driving element in the entire narrative of “Dead Poets Society.” His voice has carried on over one hundred years. His voice still resonates and remains relevant to those who are even the most casual poetry fans.

For art, it’s another category with seemingly unlimited options. However, think about the work of Jackson Pollock. His paintings were revered, his artistry questioned as the Abstract Expressionist movement followed his lead into a new era. He developed his own voice as an artist; it was the painting equivalent of a developed author voice.

Now, it’s time to step a little out of the box. Let’s talk unique voice in video games. Sure, it might seem odd to compare books and writing to video games; however, with elaborate cut-scenes and more narrative storytelling available with improved technologies, many games are given budgets that rival the biggest Hollywood productions. Think about Rockstar Games. They’ve been controversial since they started their development. But from Bully to Red Dead Redemption to the Grand Theft Auto series, their voice has been well defined. When you play a Rockstar Game you will see expansive worlds, anti-heroes, shady behavior, and unapologetically abrasive.

So how will you apply influence from other mediums to develop and define your author voice? Chime in with your personal influence in the comments section. The conversation’s always live on Twitter @ThomasAFowler, and keep checking my official website for the latest updates. Thanks so much for taking on the Writer’s Conquest.


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