What Your Go-To Cocktail Reveals About You

So what happens if you fall into a few different categories?

Thought Catalog

Cheap beer

You have a tight knit circle of friends. More people call you by your last name than your first name. You’re a traditionalist and envision your life as a similar, but improved, version of your parent’s. This also means you’re a win with the opposite sex because you’re the stable, comfortable person who’ll always be loyal to your friends and family.

Expensive beer

Same as above, but a few life milestones (graduating from college, getting your first Adult Job) later. 

A craft cocktail (a drink made by a mixologist that is unique to the bar you’re at)

You’ll take the word “yuppie” as a compliment thank-you-very-much. Just like your one-of-a-kind drinks you want to carve out a life for yourself that is completely unique. As an added bonus, you’re the kind of person who can talk anyone into doing or buying just about anything, so if you wan’t…

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