Why Trendsetters are Your Most Important Readers

Early adopters, trendsetters, they’re a massively coveted demographic in marketing. The reason being is that once you nab the trendsetters, you’ll instantly grasp a group of people that create free marketing for your business or product.

Trendsetters are the people blogging about new technologies before they even are launched. They’re the people who Tweet about the launch of a new business service because of the innovation they can see, but the average consumer cannot. They are the ones who do research and have active conversations about items with equally informed consumers.

Now, in the publishing world there are fewer opportunities for these early adopters. However, think about the people who were the first users of the Nook. They were willing to pay the initial price that was inevitably going to be lowered after a while. However, they were that adamant about utilizing social media and telling all their friends whether the Nook was all that was promised, or where it disappointed and their iPad is much better. Yes, early adopters are the type to spend money on a Nook, and an iPad, and a Kindle.

They’re the ones who will help create quick buzz, or start the negative tailspin. So where does this apply in the writing world besides large corporate products? It’s easy, early promotion. Think about the early adopters in writing. They’re the ones pre-ordering books, they’re the ones willing to spend a few more dollars at the local indie store if it means they get to meet the author and get their book signed, versus getting a used version or a renter from the library. They’re the faithful contributors to GoodReads. 

A great example can be seen with Pierce Brown. His book, Red Rising, isn’t available until January through Amazon and other traditional sales. However, where did he make his book available for signings and early copies? Comic Con. Brown was there with a gorgeous display installation and a hefty stack of books for the first in what is a planned series. Comic-Con is a venue where you find the most faithful fans, and by giving out these copies at the event only, it creates exclusivity.

This is a prime example of utilizing trendsetters and early adopters to an advantage. Advanced giveaways on GoodReads and through Twitter are one of the most commonly seen approaches, and it works. It gets people to put the book on their “Want to Read” shelves, it gets the conversation spreading about the book as people discuss the book via their social media platforms of choice.

How do you plan to find your early adopters and trendsetters? More importanty, how do you plan to capture them for conversions, social media interactions, and sales? Chime in with the comment section below. The conversation is always live on Twitter @ThomasAFowler. Use the hash-tag #WritersConquest. As always, kick some ass and be proud of what you do.

Published by thomasafowler

Thomas A. Fowler is the author of nerdy things, entertaining readers by writing primarily science fiction. An award-winning author, he self-publishes some books while pursuing the traditional route with his feature-length projects. Fowler works as a Producer/Project Manager to help pay the bills, especially since he is a father of four. He's had work featured in Buzzfeed, AdAge, Creativity Online, and is a proud Hufflepuff, INFJ, and forever Team Cap!

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