The Trends of Your Target Demographic Readers

As you begin to understand your target demographics, who among them will be willing to buy your book amongst all the other possible selections, it’s important to understand your target demographic trends. And no, this is not a reference to book trends, that’s already been discussed. This is looking at the retail and shopping trends of the consumers shopping for your books.

Forbes called three retail trends that would occur in 2013 back in the midst of holiday shopping last year. The predictions weren’t far off by any means. The three trends predicted were the continued increase of mobile, integration, and continuous social growth. Mobile phones are proving most helpful in gaining consumers. After all, it’s been discovered many shoppers use their mobile phones for research when in retail locations. It can be the determining factor. As well, retailers are using QR codes, and other promotional methods to use mobile devices to discover coupons and discount opportunities while shopping in a retail store to gain conversions on sales. That goes into the integration methods that were the second prediction. And of course social, through Groupon, Facebook, Twitter, the conversation has the potential to never end.

Trends within book sales are simultaneously just as important. Last week’s Book Riot podcast, “If You Give a Dude a Gadget,” looked at book sales by gender and broke it down. Not surprisingly the trend of a female dominated market continues with 58% of women buying most books currently. Bestselling author Ian McEwan did some research of his own, and came to the conclusion that “When women stop reading, the novel will be dead.”

In addition, 44% of books are bought online, meaning there is still a viable market for physical sales in bookstores, airports, grocery stores, what have you.

The atmosphere in which the books are purchased can be of great influence as well. Did you know that the aroma and presence of chocolate nearly always increases chances of longer visits to retail locations, as well as a stronger likelihood of purchase from consumers? A group of Belgian researchers did some extensive research to find what it was about chocolate that made books sell that much better.

Which of these trends can you capitalize on? What research have you conducted that showed a consumer trend in your demographic? Will your next book cover be infused with nodes of dark chocolate?

Chime in with your next trend to help your demographic choose your novel in the comments section. The conversation is always live on Twitter @ThomasAFowler. Use the hash-tag #WritersConquest. As always, kick some ass and be proud of what you do.


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