Turn Your Author Bio Into a Brand Story

All too often writers think about their book, and all too often they ignore their story. As we create a platform for you to stand upon and find a place for your work, we’ve developed your brand vision. Now, comes the time to develop a brand story.

The brand story isn’t going to be too far from an author bio, but still separated enough you should develop the two separately. If you’ve already completed your author bio, certainly use it for inspiration, but do not copy and paste. Brand stories are slightly different.

How so you ask?

Omar Kattan, who has developed an entire site devoted to Brand Stories, ended his very first blog post with this suggestion: “When developing your stories, use what you know. It doesn’t always mean plot or fact. It means capturing a truth from your experience and expressing values you personally feel deep down to your core.”

Here’s a video explaining the actual statistical analysis of how developing a brand, and its story, can truly influence your marketing approach. This is all business focused, but if one had the resources to analyze the writing and publishing world, it wouldn’t be a shock if the statistics were at least in the same ballpark.

So how do you develop your brand story as a writer? It’s easy; it goes back to your development of brand as a writer. At this point, you should have your author voice, brand messaging, brand differentiators, and determined what you’ll write. You’ve lined it all up, now it’s time to harness this into your brand story.

This should be almost a combination of your personal story with your brand vision. Make it personal, and professional. Allow agents, editors, readers, and site visitors understand who you are and what you hope to accomplish as an author.

Make it as long as it needs to be, it’s never a bad idea to keep it simple and short.

So what will your brand story be? This post has been very video heavy, but if you really want to dive into this, why not start with something everyone loves, Lego?

Hope this helps you, feel free to tell your brand story in the comments below, the conversation’s always going on Twitter @ThomasAFowler, use the hashtag #WritersConquest. Latest updates can be found on my official website, and as always kick some ass and be proud of what you do.



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