What Message Will You Send as a Writer?

If you’re an aspiring writer looking to decide what to write, or an established writer refining your approach, one of the most important aspects to put into place is deciding what message you will send.

Think of your favorite author, what message is sent by that author? Is it one of defiance against established systems of government? Does your favorite author try to educate through entertainment? Now contemplate the message you will send to your readers. How can you carry your message from the page to action in the reader’s life? Would you like to see your reader decide to try something adventurous as a a result of reading your book, or perhaps spark up a lost sense of creativity?

Some of the most important books of any generation carried a relevant message along with it. Think of “Animal Farm,” it’s a book that nearly everyone has read at some point and the cautionary tale still resonates. Think of another message from George Orwell in “1984.” With the revealing that the United States government is spying on its civilians, the book has relevancy this very day. In fact, sales of the book have spiked since the reveal. It was published in 1949. Try to understand the importance of good messaging in your writing, it has the potential to keep your book alive well after it has been published.

His messages still lingers for society to reflect upon. Orwell is one of the broader examples to be found in writing, but there’s a reason he’s still actively discussed in the writing community. In looking at today’s writers, you can find messaging in brilliant ways. Take a look at Tamar Hela’s website, her message as a writer is blatantly on her website. As you look at her books, her author bio, and more, it all fits into the message she’s trying to send. She is a writer, artist, and dreamer. Yet within that she has the ability to create a variety of work and will not limit herself with this intelligent approach, including her book, “Feast Island.”

So what message will you send as a writer? Today marks the wrap up of the month-long focus on deciding what you’ll write; now we’ll be going back to basics. If you missed the previous posts you can read about them below.

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