How Author Voice Helps Decide What You’ll Write

We’ve asked the easiest question to determine what you’ll write, and we discussed whether or not you should write for trends. Now, the next step in deciding what to write is looking at your author voice.

An author voice is what your writing conveys to readers. It’s the personality of you, the author, coming through the page to tell the story. That’s not to say that it should pour through to a fault, but create an immersive experience that readers can clearly understand. And going beyond the understanding, it then translates to bringing a constant sense of what you are writing.

The voices of great authors resonate through each page they write, and what your voice is can help determine what you’ll write.

Darker tonalities can be perfectly placed in horror and mystery. If your mind wanders to far off places, you may be a perfect fit for science fiction/fantasy. If you tell grandiose stories to your children or grandchildren, YA, MG, or Children’s fiction may be your best suit. A softer voice that finds grace in the small moments of life should check out literary fiction.

Of course a different voice in a genre can be a fresh take and a new spin that hasn’t been utilized yet. What would happen when a literary fiction author dove headfirst into their most unfamiliar genre? It could prove disastrous; it could prove a rousing success.

Either way, it could prove most beneficial to the writer to expand their horizons and see where their voice could fit in a unique way. There is always potential to discover a voice that had been long silenced, but can now shout to the rooftops.

Today marks part three of determining what you’ll write, check in next Thursday for the conclusion and check out parts one and two. As always, the discussion is live and moving on Twitter @thomasafowler, use the hashtag #WritersConquest with any questions, comments, and concerns. The main hub of all things Thomas A Fowler can be found on the official website.



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