Writer’s Conquest – Level One – Establishing a Brand

Welcome to the official kickoff of the Writer’s Conquest video series. The videos will give you all the essentials you need, but you can go into more depth each week, for four weeks, on the topic at hand. This month, we’re looking at Establishing a Brand for the marketing side and Deciding What to Write for your creatively insane side.



The process has already begun, check out these previous posts to get started:

4 Questions to Answer to Establish Your Brand
Elements of an Established Brand


On a quick side note, thank you for everyone who has participated so far. June is already the singularly most successful month my blog has ever seen, and we’ve still got a few days left.

The coolest little tidbit of information came in the form of where the visits came from. While the vast majority of visits were from the United States, nearly 18% of the visits were international visits and the list of countries was staggering. Here’s a breakdown with the most visits to the least.


–       Sweden

–       United Kingdom

–       Australia

–       Russia

–       Norway

–       Spain

–       Canada

–       Iceland

–       France

–       Kuwait

–       Armenia

–       Ghana

So thank you, everyone, keep coming back and let me know what you want to see moving forward, any questions, comments, or concerns. The discussion’s always live on Twitter @thomasafowler with the #WritersConquest. Keep track of all major updates at www.thomasafowler.com


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