The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Five Instruments to Survive the Writing World

There are a multitude of tools a writer, or artist, needs to get their work done. So here you have a diverse set of instruments to use at your disposal, I give you this week’s Artist’s Hobo Tool.

The Knife is sharp, functional, and to the point. Here are some harsh realities of becoming a writer. As the market continues to change with eBooks formats always improving, royalties being debated, and retail locations struggling to stay open, it’s becoming a bleak picture if you look at it. At the same time, the writing industry has never had more of a chance to be redefined and modified for the better.

The Fork, the practical piece to get through the necessities of the day. Now that you’ve soaked up the harsh realities, watch this video from EpicLloyd, one half of the Epic Rap Battles of History. His latest, which is a free song to download by the way, is a great testament to struggling in today’s economy and something to pick you up.

The Spoon, usually to eat something pretty delicious, like dessert or some hearty chili. Here are five exercises to help develop your passion, and you can skew this to any pursuit. Check out Entrepreneur’s Five Creativity Exercises to Discover Your Passion.

The Corkscrew, for when it’s time to indulge in some wine and enjoy I give you one of the inspiring scene from the movie that is writer mandatory viewing, “Dead Poets Society.” Filled with amazing insight from Peter Weir and a remarkable ensemble cast, many of the younger actors got their start and you will undoubtedly recognize. Seriously, if you haven’t seen this, go and watch it now. This scene challenges the students, and consequently you, to look at the world differently. So watch this clip, then stand somewhere new to see what the world looks like.

The Can Opener has some practical use, but can also be used for any variety of things. So here you have 3 books you should read in any genre, if you’re still wandering about, trying to determine what to write, these reads will give you a taste to see what genre(s) you want to partake in.

Where there any other tools forgotten? Chime in in the comments section. As always, the discussion can continue on Twitter @thomasafowler, simply use the #WritersConquest. As always, check in at for the latest and greatest updates.

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