The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Tools to Establish Your Brand and Determine What You’ll Write

      Welcome to this week’s Artist’s Hobo Tool, where I give you the tools you’ll need to research this week’s topic and answer the questions posed.

      On Tuesday, we looked at what it takes to create brand identity as a writer or creative artist in this world. We asked four questions that you, the author, have to be able to answer first. Otherwise, your readers/agent/editor/publisher/adoring fans won’t know the answer. Until you know the answer to the four questions, your brand identity as a writer hasn’t been determined yet. If you can successfully answer all four questions, then congratulations, you know what it takes for a writer to establish their brand.

      First, take a look at the Entrepreneur’s website. There’s a great article about the Basics of Branding by John Williams. Not that John Williams, but cueing up the Star Wars theme as you read the article can’t hurt anything.  It skews very heavily toward business advice, but there are a heavy amount of applicable takeaways in there if you read between the lines.

      Small side challenge: Try writing the word “entrepreneur” correctly the first time without looking it up. Freaking English language, man.

      Second, take a look at this great article by Terry Perrottet from the New York Times that discusses what it takes to promote your work and books in this day and age. There are definite brand strategies embedded within this text to consider.

      On Thursday, we looked at the easiest question to answer if you want to determine what you’ll write. One of the most important social networks any writer can utilize is GoodReads. If you haven’t already established your profile, head over there right now and begin reviewing books, creating shelves, determine which books are worth your validation. As you develop this, you should begin to see what you love to read. Whilst you’re in the social networking world, let’s become GoodReads friends. Find my GoodReads profile here.

      If the shelves look a little bare, you can find your local independent bookseller here.

      A large part of defining your genre comes from understanding what the genre itself. Read this two part entry on genres, part one is here, part two is here.

      See the first YouTube video in what will be my long running series, The Writer’s Conquest, below. Episode 1: Establishing a Brand, hits June 17th. You can always for the latest and greatest. Chime in the comments section with your brand identity below, or what you’ll write. Share the work you’ve done. Have questions or comments? Tweet me @thomasafowler with the hashtag #WritersConquest. We’ll see you on Monday as the Writer’s Conquest continues.



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