The Writer’s Conquest Officially Begins

Good Morning Everyone,

Today marks the official start to the Writer’s Conquest, a combination of marketing advice and writing advice in the ever so long journey to become a published writer. There are a multitude of areas I’ll need to introduce you to as we get started. First up, my official website where you can find everything and anything Writer’s Conquest related. It’s It has my blog RSS feed for you, social networks, YouTube links, many more facets that you can find on the website that will be listed here.

Also, every two weeks there will be a new video posted on my YouTube channel for The Writer’s Conquest. They will alternate between marketing episodes, and writing episodes.

I always want questions, comments, and concerns about what you’d like to see more, or less of, with the plethora of material I’ll be creating over these next several years. So please reach out to me on Twitter @ThomasAFowler with #WritersConquest, you can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, WordPress, lots more. There are a few audio kinks to work out and the full animation sequence is in the works for “Writer’s Conquest” beyond just the title screen in the first video uploaded today. As you can see my first run was a tough one.

Tell me what you need to become a successful writer, and what strategies you can take to create a good marketing plan to sell your material. While this is aimed at writers, there’s plenty of usable material for any creative individual. So encourage people to join, share, and discuss how you plan to succeed in your Writer’s Conquest.

Of course I hate the old “Do as I say, but not as I do” approach. So every Monday I’ll be checking in on my progress as my journey continues onward simultaneously to yours. Here are my word counts for my first and second book:

My first book, Current, is going through the final edits now. As it stands, it’s about 1,800 words over my threshold of not going over 100,000 words. I could probably stand to lose even more, but the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s Gold Conference is coming in September, and I intend to enter that room pages blazing with my fiery prose. I’m going to reset the counter from zero as I edit the manuscript for September, when I’m going to officially begin trying to sell the book.

My second book, The Falling Sun, is in the throws of its first draft, sitting at about 34,000 words. It’ll need to have roughly 10,000 added to it by this coming Sunday, lest I become the slacker of my critique group.

Social media scorecard: 448 followers on Twitter, 197 following. Definitely have to break 200 this week or it will mean my first week doing this didn’t go so well. Definitely looking for more writing/editing/publishing interactions on Facebook and LinkedIn, as I know you’re out there.

Other than that, more videos to make, more blog posts to be written. Let the Writer’s Conquest begin.



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