It’s a New Dawn, it’s a New Day, it’s a New Life.

     Waking up yesterday, there was a new sense of vigor after sending in the final paper for my MBA in Marketing from Regis University. Classes are over for me, and now I get to wait for graduation this Saturday.

     For those who don’t know me, I have a 20-week-old daughter, which means that while I was working full time and getting my MBA online and in evening classes, I spent 14 months of the 36 it took to get this MBA with either a pregnant wife or a newborn. My life has been inordinately busy and many of my friends and family could see I was running out of fuel. This was all going on while writing my second novel, leading a fictional critique group, getting published in the Penny Dread Tales, Volume III, making AnomalyCon panel appearances, and working with an editorial consultant on my first novel. How good does it feel to be done? Something kind of like this:

     So how do I reallocate all of this free time? First, I enjoyed a little freedom, ate just a little more than I should, but most importantly, I felt ready for the next steps as a writer.

    But what does this newfound freedom and approach mean outside of the “I love to write and want to get published, and change the world!” gobbledygook?

     It means developing a business strategy. I didn’t go through a 54 credit MBA (had to take a lot of undergrad credits first, thanks for nothing, BA in Theatre!) over a three year process to do nothing with it. Granted, I work at an ad agency, so this MBA will help me greatly with that. However, now it is time to apply all of my learned marketing skills into my writing.

     Therefore, I have created a business plan that includes my long-term strategies (we’re talking a three-year marketing strategy), brand identity (how the world will see me), and innovative ways for writers, readers, artists, agents, editors, publishers, etc. to find me on the web.

     As part of the long-term goals, short-term strategies come into play. So with that, I am pleased to announce that beginning June 3rd, the first official season of Writer’s Conquest begins. This will be the first of three seasons to help writer’s and creative artists in all mediums market themselves. We will be taking a journey that will go through no less than 1100 tweets, 134 blog posts, and 23 videos that will begin June 3rd, 2013, and conclude March 24th, 2014. Then I’ll take a break, evaluate, modify, and begin Season 2 shortly after.

     What’s in the first season? Why are you calling it a season? Why does it matter? You will find out in a video preview of the Writer’s Conquest, landing May 27th, 2013.

     So as Michael Buble sang it, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. And I’m feeling good.”

     I cannot wait to involve everyone in this process, and hope you’ll come along for the ride. I cannot wait to provide what advice I can to help writers, artists, and professionals market themselves by instilling hope and my knowledge of advertising and marketing. Between my agency experience and my MBA, I truly believe I can bring you tips to help promote yourself in innovative ways.

    It won’t have all the answers, but I guarantee it will spark your marketing juices whether you thought you had them or not.



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