Instill Hope – Wake up Washington and Help out Boston

The last few days I have found it hard to be optimistic. Between the absolutely shattering bombings in Boston, and the disappointing decisions from the U.S. Senate, it’s beginning to seem like “The Wire” was one of the most accurate pieces of fiction ever made. The show essentially brought to light that corruption in all major systems of society results in little, if nothing, changing for the better.

Those who fight for what they believe to be right and true continue to feel lost as their attempts for change go invalidated. That, or they are broken by the corrupt system beating them down and leaving them powerless to stop a running mechanism they have no control over.

So how do we deal with it? How do we instill hope in this world while all signs point to us being seemingly unable to make a difference? It’s in the decisions we make.

Some Boston Marathon runners, after finishing their 26 mile run, actually continued to run all the way to the nearest Massachusetts hospital to donate blood. Videos of the bombings show people running directly toward flame and smoke to help anyone they could. But what do we do as people who are nowhere near Washington or Boston?

To help the city of Boston, and those affected by this tragedy, head to where they have a list of viable sites, contacts, and charities. There are many ways you can help. Try to contribute to one of them.

Depending on the actions of senators today, you may be extremely disappointed or appreciative of preserving your second amendment rights. I, for one, am very disappointed that not one of the major elements of gun regulation passed. I’ve been a gun owner for years and love to hunt with my father. The regulations proposed would not have hindered my freedom in gun ownership in the slightest.

I have no problem losing assault weapons, as civilians do not need them in this country and this age. Ammunition clip size regulation is of no harm because if you need that many bullets, I don’t think you’re activities reflect ideal gun ownership. And why background checks shouldn’t be happening for someone gaining possession of such a hazardous weapon is beyond me.

To see if your senators voted for, or against, the bills, go here to see their decisions on today’s vote.  Colorado’s senators seemed split. They voted for ammunition clip regulation, but against background checks and assault weapons bans.

It’s important that no matter how you felt on this topic, if you felt strongly one way or another, I believe letters are due to those in power right now-as much as possible, as often as possible. 

And finally, instill hope by simply loving those closest to you-nothing more, nothing less. Be a symbol of optimism and hope in a time when cynicism and hatred should be running rampant.



  1. You know, Tom, one of your greatest traits is your heart. You have such a big heart and it plays a crucial role in your writing. Don’t ever lose it!

    Adding to ways to instill hope and what we can do: my friend’s fiancee is a combat marine veteran. He fought in the war, suffered brain trauma (among other things), and has recently taken to speaking out. He is speaking out to civilians so they can be more aware, and to other combat vets so they don’t feel alone. The response he has gotten has been amazing! I think it’s so easy, after dealing with all our soldiers deal with, to feel defeated afterward. His choice to speak out was just what many needed.

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