Big Weekend at AnomalyCon with Panel Appearances and Group Signing

As of today, I can officially say that I have been published. My action based short story, “The Hour Wheel,” is one of the installments in the “Penny Dread Tales: In Darkness Clockwork Shine.” This, the third volume of the anthology series, marks my first publication.

Edited by Chris Ficco, cover design by Kathryn S. Renta. Thomas A. Fowler is one contributor of many short stories to the anthology.
Edited by Chris Ficco, cover design by Kathryn S. Renta. Thomas A. Fowler is one contributor of many short stories to the anthology.
This celebration continues as several of the authors will be present at this weekend’s AnomalyCon, a weekend of all things science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk. Being hosted at the Denver Tech Center DoubleTree Hotel, the event begins tomorrow and runs through the entire weekend. I, myself, will be appearing on a number of panels on Saturday, March 30th.

First up, fellow writer and good friend, M.H. Boroson, will be hosting the panel on Kaiju: Godzilla and Beyond. We’ll be joined by Kathryn S. Renta as we look at Japanese monster movies from the origins to the upcoming Kaiju movies, “Pacific Rim” and the 2014 reboot of “Godzilla.” The panel will be from 12- 1 p.m. in the Science/Misc. (Cyan) room. If you have questions you want addressed, tweet me @thomasafowler with the hash-tag #kaiju. I’ll be sure to send you what we discussed during the panel.

Second, I’ll be on a panel hosted by Emily France. We’ll be discussing the challenge of Overcoming Writer’s Block from 1-2 p.m. in Writing Room I (Teal). From using musical inspiration to researching seemingly unrelated topics, France & I will be on the panel with M.H. Boroson and Travis Heermann to give our suggestions. Do you have ideas on how to overcome writer’s block or have a question for the panel? Tweet me with the hash-tag #writersblock.

At 2 p.m., I’ll be taking part in a mass signing where The Penny Dread Tales: Volume III will be available. I’ll be there with editor Chris Ficco and cover designer Kathryn S. Renta and several other contributors to the anthology.

Finally, at 4 p.m. I’ll be rejoining M.H. Boroson in the Science/Misc. (Cyan) room for a panel on Board Games: Beyond Monopoly and Scrabble. I’ll be focusing on how mobile, tablets, and consoles have shifted the world of gaming and how tradition has been implemented in a digital age. Count on me talking about my favorites, Risk and Axis & Allies, in excess. Any questions or topics for discussion can be tweeted to me with the hash tag #boardgames.

Look for pictures of the event next week and be sure to read the post from this past Monday on what else you can expect from the new look and the new approach of


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