An Instigator for a New Look, New Approach

Blog-HighRes Coming soon, the revised will be launched in full. After three years of extreme challenges, there is an end in sight coming, and with it a new approach, new look, lots of content, and hopefully a little bit of laughter and drinking somewhere in between. The instigator mentioned will be announced on Thursday, March 28th, so please check back.

The aim to instill hope will never leave, that will live in my writing. All the time you will see hope aiming to be instilled into the hearts of everyone who reads a page of my writing.

The freshly launched website look and feel will have a newly focused approach, and that is to show how a writer can market themselves. Whether it be showing how a creative person should use social media, how a writer establishes a brand, or what a writer can do to separate themselves from the over saturated world of blogs, this website will provide several tools for writers and creative types on promotion techniques. Here are the major elements you can expect in the coming months:

1) Writer’s Conquest: A YouTube video series. Nothing can be more helpful than a video on how writers sell their books to those that matter; agents, editors, and publishers. In the ongoing video series, “Writer’s Conquest,” you’ll learn how a writer can establish a brand, how a writer can capitalize on social media, every month there will be a new focus. With each focus there will be a month’s worth of blog posts to elaborate on the points made in each of the videos.
2) Overcoming Writer’s Block. Every Friday will see a post called “Five to Fuel.” What will the Five to Fuel give you? Tools, links, songs, and more to help you, the writer, keep moving. Some weeks there will be posts about songs to help overcome writer’s block, others might be mindless entertainment to give you a break. Nonetheless, every Friday, look for something to help you fuel up for a productive weekend.
3) Specialty Interviews. Some weeks you will read posts from marketers who know little about publishing, but know tons about social media. Other weeks there will be interviews with writers that are examples in how to use the Internet to their advantage.
4) Quick Posts about Marketing and Writing. Anytime there is an article to be found, a useful checklist to ensure your manuscript is completed, there will be periodic posts to help guide you on your way to becoming published and discovered.
5) Book of the Month. Every month, a book will be chosen by yours truly and dissected with great scrutiny. What went right? What made this author successful in going from a word document on a laptop to seeing the book on shelves?
6) And an exciting addition will be coming in May to the blog posts from a guest writer. I asked someone personally to contribute to the site, and they expressed great excitement.

So there you have it. The all-new, it launches March 25, 2013. Any questions you have, topics you want covered, please reach out to me via any number of ways. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter with great ease. If you have something to contribute, please do not hesitate to send me a concept of what you’d like to add.

Thomas A Fowler is a writer of commercial mainstream fiction with a science fiction bent. His first novel, “Current,” is being edited in collaboration with Jessica Engman, and independent editorial consultant, who also works for Houghton Mifflin. To learn more, go to, you can also find him on Facebook or Twitter.



  1. I can’t wait to read more! I’m also excited to find out more about the guest posts! Thanks so much, and keep it up!

  2. I can’t wait to see all you’ve been working on. I’m FINALLY getting back into writing slowly but surely. I’m up about seven pages! Oh, and working on starting my blog back up. Us parent writers need the outlet, don’t we?!

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