Thomas A. Fowler’s Official Website.

Thomas A. Fowler’s Official Website.

Today is a monumental day for author Catherine Winters, her debut novel hits digital bookshelves from the Empire Book Store and is available in multiple forms, including the Kindle, or in other formats. Make today a great day for yourself by entering your name into the contest to win a digital copy of “Black,” the vampire tale where “no one sparkles,” according to Winters. See a full synopsis below.


To be eligible for the contest, do something for someone else to make their day better. This morning, I paid for someone’s latte at the drive thru at Latta’s Bagels and Coffee who was directly behind me. I did my best Harvey Dent impression and ordered the White Knight Mocha for myself, then paid for the raspberry latte for the incoming patron. Other examples of what you could do to enter the contest include writing a letter to a prisoner seeking a friendly voice, volunteer for a day at a charity event, the list is endless. 


As long as you make someone’s day better, you’re in the drawing.


Send a message via Twitter to @thomasafowler or on Facebook about what good deed you did this week, or scheduled to do in the near future, that made someone’s day a little better. On Twitter, use the hash tag #instillhope. If I don’t hear about it, I can’t enter your name.


The winner will be announced next Monday, July 2nd, 2012, giving you plenty of time to decide what you’ll do to instill hope. You must send your Tweet or Facebook post by July 1st, 2012.


I’ve already got my copy of “Black” and will be perusing it in the coming weeks, click here to read my previous discussion with Winters that touched on the amazing experiences that came with her first contract signing, getting ready for the second novel and what drives her writing.


The best of luck to all and may your good deeds be rewarded equally should you not be the lucky winner.


“Black” by Catherine Winters


“Thirty-year-old redhead Josephine Berendt has everything under control. She’s finally over her ex, Max Spencer; her third novel is about to hit the shelves; and she’s living happily alone in a quiet Denver suburb. So what if her life is missing a little action? She gets all she needs by writing about vampires – and at least her furniture won’t run away to Paris just to prove how much it doesn’t love her.


600-year-old businessman Grant Black thinks he’s just doing a favor for an old friend by keeping an eye on Josephine and her dangerously accurate storytelling. Keeping out of her life is no trouble at all – until Max Spencer shows up on her doorstep with a case of fangs and Grant is forced to meet Josephine in the fearless, foul-mouthed flesh.


Soon Josephine finds herself at the center of an undead incident of international proportions. Now every day is a test of how long she can balance her need for independence with her growing affection for a killer, and stay alive – or, at least, not dead.


Featuring some of the most famous and ruthless vampires from history and literature, BLACK interweaves traditional vampire canons with an entirely new race of vampires with its own laws and mores. Told in Josephine’s thoroughly modern voice, the book is a witty, allusive tour of the vampire world’s upper echelons and hubs of power.”


Contest Disclaimer: There will be one winner randomly selected. Entries must send a post to either Thomas A Fowler’s Facebook or Twitter account. You may enter only once per person. The contest is for one PDF version of the book “Black” by Catherine Winters. This prize may not be traded for any other product.


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