Monday Mandate #6: Creating Your Singular Goal

Today’s Monday Mandate is simple, utilizing the tracker from week one, write down and establish your singular goal in life by remembering what/who you are doing this for. When you die, people should remember you for having achieved this goal.

“My singular goal in life is to comfortably provide for my wife and family through writing.” Nothing more, that’s all it should be. Through this there are several sub goals to accomplish but that’s the foundation of the house, without it you cannot build anything more.

Share what your singular goal is by Tweeting me @thomasafowler with the hash tag #InstillHope or contact me at Facebook. You can see this and more at my official website as well. What is the one thing you want to be remembered for in your life?

On my desk, sitting directly in front of the Mac, rests two black and white pictures (as seen above). With these two pictures I see the reason I work hard day in and day out, I am given that constant reminder.

To the left sits the picture of someone I have been working hard for for a few years now, yet haven’t met yet. The Swedish Fish blog was named so because Amber caught me mindlessly playing with the candy, and she knew I’d be a good father. While I was simply mimicking the swimming motions of the fish, I assume she saw my playful nature. Some might call it “man-child behavior,” I prefer the term “blissfully imaginative.” Although, on Sunday morning I was playing video games in my pajamas while eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and that is a recurring event. That doesn’t help the “man-child” image one bit.

To the right is my wife on our wedding day. Of the hundreds of pictures taken that day, this is the one that has stuck with me through our near 3 years of marriage and will in the years to come. It so easily sums up everything that made me fall in love with her: her gorgeousness, her spirited nature, and the joy that she brings me everyday.

So what motivates you? How do you find inspiration to write every day and fight through excuses or the sense of never achieving the impossible goal of being published? Let’s be honest, if you’re aiming for a goal people will remember you for, it shouldn’t be easy to accomplish. Remind yourself every moment of everyday why you fight for the life that you are aiming for and do not settle for less.

While I’ve been a bit disheartened because my writing focus has gone solely on my MBA and creative writing and editing have taken a very distant backseat, it is for a greater future and will only last until December, when I graduate.

Granted our due date is 2 weeks before graduation, so new challenges are assuredly going to arise. But you’ve got to fight through it and taking care of Bojangles Fowler won’t really be a job at all (that’s the name until we settle on something legitimate).

Join me later this week when I chat with newly contracted author Catherine Winters about reaching that impossible milestone.

To the left, Bojangles Fowler (Name is TBD), and to the right, my wife Amber. The two things that drive me day in and day out. My singular purpose exists because of them, who drives your singular purpose?


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