The Push to September

As 2011 is drawing closer to ending, there is the drive to find the right publisher and agent for “Current,” as well as finding those who wish to represent me in the years to come as I continue writing. The next big attempt is coming and coming fast at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s Gold Conference in which I will be meeting with either an editor or agent, still haven’t heard who specifically. No matter who I am paired with of my three choices, I am eagerly anticipating the meeting as it is my chance to pitch “Current” in my approach to become a writer that blurs the line between science fiction and commercial fiction.
Occurring the weekend of September 9 – 11, the gold conference will be my first with the group, despite this being my second year as a member. My critique group has worked diligently with me to revise the novel even more and I believe it is that much stronger from it, gaining the perspective of other authors.
I am going in ready to prove myself because I have been writing for over a decade now in some capacity and I am ready to move forward with the next step. Thankfully I have been studying the business of publishing and then saw a quote about harnessing life in Men’s Health. It argues about varying points regarding at what point you can achieve your true goals. One of the quotes argued against the statement of “I will get there eventually.” I didn’t even read the rest to realize what they most likely elaborated upon.
If you go through it all with the mentality that it will eventually happen, it is very unlikely that it ever will because you do not expect it to happen any time in the present. As a result, I have submitted my short story, “Adam’s Ale,” to Asimov’s Science-Fiction and Fantasy magazine for publication (I’ll let you know what I hear) and I will be going into the RMFW Gold Conference with the expectation that I will find my agent and/or publisher. I will merely take my determination to succeed and not have the goals of “eventually” achieving what I know I can do for the rest of my life and career. That, and finding the right partnership with an agent or editor to establish for a long term approach as the publishing industry is in extreme change.


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