Less than 22 days left and ready to bring it!

Less than 22 days and counting and recently the confidence did get a little rumbled as a result of contracting both bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection just a few days as my wife was getting over her case of pneumonia. However, health is nearly back to 100%, although a visit to the gym would probably be a little rough. Next week should be the return to full form.

Thankfully it didn’t slow down the editing process a whole lot as what I needed was to relax and not do a whole lot, so what would be better than to do a little writing? While a lot of the side projects of my life suffered from my illness, the novel is on track. So at what point did my confidence get rumbled?
It was at the editing of the first major action sequence. I went through the chapter five times trying to figure out what felt off, it grew frustrating to discover what was making me uneasy about the first major action sequence in the book. It follows with a lot more and I hope the reader moves through the book like lightning in anticipation of the action and once they get there, they can’t wait to find out what happens. A certain inspiration was the novel by Michael Chrichton, Jurassic Park. We’ll see if I actually did it as having a book half as excellent as Chrichton is something few writers can say and would make me a happy person.

Thankfully I just read the chapter one more time and realized that there was one specific part that would cause some confusion as it is a big change motion in the chapter. The junction was pivotal from the middle part of the action sequence to the latter part that leads to the next section. Thankfully with a little tweaking the change motion flows a bit more and the book is still moving right along, footloose and fancy free.

Page and progress count update will head your way tomorrow as I have been graced with a half day’s worth of honest work. The second half of my day will be devoted to the passion that hasn’t yet made me any money. But it’s doing something I’m enjoying and as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said on Leno the other night.
“Every morning, when your feet hit the floor in the morning the good Lord says ‘Good Morning’ and the devil says ‘Oh, shit, they’re up.’”

I’m looking forward to making the devil a little scared by writing my ass off tomorrow and getting ready for my April 29th submission. Bring it!


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