Let us travel bravely toward our goals in the hopes that life may reward us with the achievement of our dreams!

Days until “Current” is submitted to the Nelson Literary Agency as of writing this article: 36 days, 15 hours, 36 minutes, and 05 seconds.

Word Count as of 03/23/2011: 93,698

Estimated Number of Pages as of 03/23/2011: 375

Well no updates to Current yesterday, but it ties into what I posted the day before. As I am drawing close to finishing Current, my mind is beginning to creatively dive into my next book.

My enthusiasm to become a full time writer is driving me forward, and I had to embrace it as I am trying to make sure I don’t censure good ideas. It came while listening to a song I did not expect to find a massive inspiration from in my writing, “Recognizer” by Daft Punk.

It was one of the songs they composed in the absolutely stunning score for Tron: Legacy. I placed the song at what was supposed to be an important, but far from vital chapter, in the fifth book of a six book series.
I love to score my writing in the sense that each chapter is given a song that fits the emotion and core idea of the moment occurring in the books. However, as the music played this chapter suddenly grew into an absolutely pivotal moment, giving our main heroes a discovery as to why they have been thrust into the main conflict in such an interconnected way while set to an emotional moment between them.

The use of technological percussion with traditional strings and horns from an orchestra made the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. It will give an even clearer approach with the first book and I cannot wait to begin writing it. However, in order to do this, I must remember my present goal in order to achieve my future goals. So onward goes the editing and the countdown shall continue without remorse.

Let us travel bravely toward our goals in the hopes that life may reward us with the achievement of our dreams!


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