A yesterday to speak of when our dreams came true.

Days until “Current” is submitted to the Nelson Literary Agency as of writing this article: 35 days, 11 hours, 45 minutes, and 55 seconds.

Word Count as of 03/24/2011: 93,156

Estimated Number of Pages as of 03/24/2011: 372.5

Some decent progress today, the small detailed editing is definitely proving difficult. However today’s edits faced some major cuts to one chapter, it merely helps a chapter to move faster. I just find myself in a constant need to remind myself why it is so vital. I have also installed something that is proving of great help.

There was an episode of a short lived television show that needed to have found a longer lifespan, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It was a look behind the scenes of a sketch comedy show starring Matthew Perry and Bradley Witford and was conceived by Aaron Sorkin. The show would obviously have been a bigger success now that Social Network has made Sorkin an ever better known name, but I digress.

One episode focused on the countdown clock, it was a clock counting down the time until the next week’s episode. Matthew Perry, portraying the head writer on the show, was stressed, but constantly pushed, by the ever moving countdown clock.

Well, such a countdown clock is now in my possession, keeping me in line with a consistent reminder that the deadline is coming and faster than I could ever realize. As I write this I can see the seconds dwindling away, a leering voice whispering the remaining time over and over.

Thankfully, this clock is not the boss of me. I can gladly stare at it as a competition that is ready to be won, merely by willpower and the acknowledgement that when April 29, 2011comes, the day will be mine. In reality it will be several weeks later when Kristen Nelson, or another member of the Nelson Literary Agency, calls to tell me the good news that I will become one of their clients for representation.

Every day from this day to the next is just another round in a battle to achieve my dreams, it is just a question of whether I’m showing up ready to throw some punches or not. Well today, I can stare at the countdown clock and see a bloody face from a left hook I gave it with my writing.

We tread forward to our dreams today. I can only hope there will be a yesterday to speak of when our dreams came true. See you tomorrow!


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