It’s the final countdown

Days until “Current” is submitted to the Nelson Literary Agency as of writing this article: 37 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes, and 20 seconds.

Word Count as of 03/22/2011: 93,698

Estimated Number of Pages as of 03/22/2011: 375

Today marks a significant date, today marks the beginning of the official countdown to my submission of my first novel, Current, to the Nelson Literary Agency. I will be providing daily updates during the week, but the weekend is mine to enjoy because let’s face it, there’s only so far you need to push yourself before you will go insane.

I am currently in the last major pass of the book, expanding some moments that help tie the entirety of the narrative together more seamlessly, reducing some moments that take too much away from the main story.
I’m, of course, feeling mixed emotions at this point. I am beginning to feel that I am reaching the best possible version of the book that I can make it; changes on this last pass are subtle. It’s mainly just making the main 9 characters interact a bit more and making their purposes more intertwined.

This enthusiasm about the book becoming the best work I can make it is making me focus on my next effort, a six book science fiction saga called The Falling Sun. The outline for the entire series is written and I am beginning to flesh out some of the supporting characters and why they are important to be in the story of the four main characters. I have to remember to stay focused because it will be very difficult to focus so heavily on the next book if this first one doesn’t get published.

The last part of completing something is the toughest for me. It’s the tiny details that I have to focus on because one misplaced comma or subtle plot hole could mark the denial from Kristin Nelson or another well established staff member of the Nelsen Literary Agency, and I wouldn’t blame them one bit. There are more reasons for an agent to not represent a writer than to pick up a new writer.

So here we go, 37 days to go, Europe’s “Final Countdown” played on my iPod at the gym this morning, a tough day for weight lifting since I am on the ending streak of a cold. I recovered quickly but my gorgeous wife, Amber, could use some well wishes as hers developed into the early stages of pneumonia. She gave me the cold but I wish that I could be the one sidelined for several days in her place. As is, fate chose me to recover rapidly.

See you tomorrow, thank you to everyone who has liked “Current” on Facebook so far, and thank you to those who are reading. We will see you tomorrow for a brief update as my Wednesday’s are about to get chaotic. So in the words of Europe, “We’re leaving ground. Will things ever be the same again? It’s the final countdown.”
Cue Gob Bluth with a magic trick. No wait, an illusion, sorry. Come on!


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