Ending the battle to begin the war in getting my first novel published

First off, hit play on the video just above and listen along as you read. I love to have music enhance my reading experience. This is one of my all time favorites and is very meaningful to me on this topic, and on a side note it’s just fantastic to play on Beatles: Rock Band.

As the process of completing my first novel, Current, is facing simultaneous senses of the endgame yet just warming up. The first 29 pages are sent out to the chosen six, a group of individuals who are reading the book and providing input. Among them I’ve enlisted the assistance of my uncle, Tim Fowler, who spent several years as a writer and has helped in editing books that were published in the past. My long time friend, Travis Hubbard, is also helping out as we took a few creative writing classes together in college and he has read more books than I ever will. I’ve got a fair share of rewriting to do but the feedback so far is positive.

This is where the endgame is starting to become a plausible reality, the pages are reaching a level of quality that I am beginning to feel comfortable showing it to a select group for critique. I will shortly be joining a critique group with the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s group as well and I cannot wait to be among peers who are in the same boat trying to become successful writers.

What is seeming like just a warm up is the acquiring of an agent and getting the book actually published in stores. I have high hopes and aspirations to get the book into one of the major chains, specifically Barnes and Noble. I love the Nook and hope to create innovative methods of utilizing the technology of the E-Book format.

I believe that I belong at the Nelson Literary Agency that is based in Writer’s Square here in Denver, Colorado. It is my desire to ally with a Colorado based agent as my beginnings are so established in Colorado that to gain an agent outside of the state would feel awkward. They take books that are going to be in my current genre and future genres I want to write in through my career as a writer.

Current aims for a commercial mainstream book with parallels on the present mentality of the American people toward renewable energy and government. The next six books I am planning will be a science fiction series with a highly commercial appeal, I hope to make it my personal Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. After that, I have two book series for kids that I would love to tackle, one about handling diversity for younger children as told through cute, talking animals and the other an adventurous saga of kids who have an ability to create living works of art in a creatively deprived world.

As you provide comments and support in my pursuit and the chosen six provide their feedback I do not believe that I can achieve this with selfish motives. To receive the love and support of so many without offering assistance to others would deliver bad karma. Do you have a book or project that seems insurmountable? I would be happy to help so that I can return the gracious level of assistance that has been given to me. Thank you to all who have supported me in this process as it is proving to be a difficult challenge for me. Keep checking back for more updates and an official start to the campaign to get me signed with the Nelson Literary Agency so don’t take any self starting initiatives yet, the time will come.


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